Friday, February 19, 2010

How to Make Money Online Without Having a Website

When first starting out making money online there are many obstacles, the biggest one being how to make a website. This article will show you how to make money online without having to worry about putting a website together. The best way to do this is by becoming an affiliate marketer. As such, you don't need to have your own product, website, or marketing material. Also, you can get great commissions for each sale you make.

The best thing to affiliate online is digital products. These are information or software products that the purchaser can directly download. They also tend to have the highest payouts per sale, usually 50% or more, which can result in huge profits for you.

First, you start out by getting your affiliate link through This is an affiliate network which handles all the transactions and makes sure you are paid fully by check or directly to your account. What this affiliate link does for you is tracks all the people who click on it and who end up purchasing the offer. You then get paid up to 75% or more of each sale.

However, before you start driving traffic to your affiliate link you have to set up something called a 'redirect'. To do this, simply get a domain name from for about $9 per year. You can choose a name that is related to the market you're selling in, which in this case would be the 'how to make money online' market. Then you can make your domain name redirect to your affiliate link, which will take the person directly to the sales page offer for the product you are promoting.

The last thing you have to do is direct traffic to your domain name. This can be done a few different ways. The cheapest way to do this (by cheap I mean free) is by writing articles related to your market and submitting them to article directories like At the end of each article you need to add a 'signature' which will tell the reader briefly about the opportunity you are promoting and will have your domain link included.

The goal of this is to attract people searching for information and opportunities about making money online to your article. They will find your information useful, and be inclined to click on your link to learn more. This is known as driving targeted traffic to your sales offer.

By Jesse Grant and Bill Maloney

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